The site always had the name Mija’s Malice. Why? I don’t know, I loved Malice Mizer and my name is Mija so it seemed to fit. The site started out on geoshities around late 2003 early 2004. I started to focus on livejournal layouts since at the time not many people made them for div generator style for free basic accounts. I opened a group community on GJ called Jrock Graphics in 2004 – we had about 8 designers and we posted anything from icons to winamp skins. The comm lasted 2 years until GJ started to die out. I then moved the site to pitas but my amazing best friend Hideko, bought me my first domain – A~C.com but after some servers issues, Hideko moved to a cool new server and I tagged along. My other close best friend Yui bought me Honey~Vanity.net for my bday. The site moved there until Xmas came and Hideko gave this domain to me as a gift. In the summer of 2006 – Yui, Hideko and I started a group graphics community called Crazed~System. Shortly our friend Miku joined as a designer and a year later we held a contest and Kii joined our team! Together we strive to make unique designs for livejournal users. My friends are my biggest inspiration, their graphics and friendship truly are the reason and core for this site.

So weird, its been a little over 4 years and I still love making, sharing and expanding my graphics, thanks to those who have supported me and any projects I joined. Thanks to those who have visited my site over these past few years!!

Version 5 // featured: -OZ-

Aug. 09-???

Version 4 // featured: Ichiro&Hitomi

May 08-Aug. 09

Version 3 // featured: necro circus

Jan.07-May 08

Version 2 // featured: leon


Version 1 // featured: Madeth Gray’ll (each graphic had a different layout of a Madeth member)


Version 0 // featured: Nao (Kagrra)
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