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Sin: Sloth & Pride

If you remember, about 4-5 years ago when this site first started (on free hosting geoshities)…I once had Madeth Gray’ll layout for Mija’s Malice. I hope you guys like the updated SLOTH Izumi layout! I also used Masaki for PRIDE. I adore SULFURIC ACID (and anything Sequence Records) – and always wanted to use Masaki images for something so I hope this kinda gives off a vain feel.

  • Sin: SLOTH layout. With a very lazy looking Izumi as the muse.
  • 4 matching icons to match Izumi layout.
  • Sin: PRIDE layout featuring the lovely and cool Masaki (ex SULFURIC ACID).
  • 6 matching icons from the Tomozo X Masaki sexuality files photobook.

Our Deadly Sins layout challenge has come to a close last night so I will finish coding the last sin and post it asap! Thanks to those who entered, commented and helped out ;o;

Sin: Envy

We are getting close to an end with the 7 DEADLY SINS LAYOUT CHALLENGE! We have 3 more sins left! This week we had ENVY! I had no idea what to do and what I had planned didn’t work out so I used these pics of Ruki I have always wanted to use!

  • This time around we have a dual Ruki layout, view it here! Ruki vs. Ruki, I have always loved this shoot but never had a chance to play around with the images until now!
  • Okay, I made 6 matching icons to go with the layout.
  • Next sin coming up is SLOTH! You can join in on the fun and enter your lazy, sleepy and sloth like jrocker lays over here!

Hope you guys like the Ruki Envy set! Plug: Give Kii’s new site a visit!

Sin: Lust & Greed

Ah we are 3 sins into the 7 Deadly Sins Challenge!! Greed was kind of a hard sin to work with but I hope you guys like it. Kii and I also did something cool. We made 10 layouts and posted them within a month! August was our busy month on Crazed-System!! ^^ There are 4 sins left so please join in!

  • Sin: LUST layout with Nega. Its a totally different sort of layout for me.
  • 16 matching Nega icons~ I know 16 is over kill but they had so many cool pics with this costume!
  • Sin: GREED layout with Mikaru of DIO. This was pretty different too. Dark layouts are hard to do ;o;
  • 2 matching Mikaru icons. Only 2 this time lol

I already updated 4 times this month! Whoooosh I’ve been busy designing!! So has Kii <3!

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