Links Out

Here are some link exchanges and other exits to visit! ALSO if you want to link exchange or affiliate please use the form below!

To apply for link exchange or affiliates look at the rules below.

To apply you have to read a few rules first. There are only a few rules so please take the time to look them over, also if you have any questions feel free to email me at mijavera{@}

  • You have to try and update often!!
  • Your site has to offer FREE asian graphics. Either jrock/vk maybe even some jpop/kpop.
  • Your site should be appealing in design and style…I would like your skills to be pretty tuned.
  • Please have no broken links or un~finished content. Also I hope your site has a nice selection of different types of graphics, not just icons and banners.
  • Please no pop-up ads or free servers. If you use a free server make sure it doesn’t have annoying ads or crazy pop-ups.
  • I exchange msn/aim to keep in touch with my aff. So please keep in touch with either comments, emails or msn/aim.