Okay whooosh~ here are all the layouts I made for the public to use for livejournal and such. Just a few rules in order to obtain the overrides and files for there.

  • These layouts are only to be used on sites like GreatestJournal or LiveJournal
  • Please have some way to unzip the folder I’ll send you, try WinZip
  • Please have a place to upload the graphics onto your own server! Please don’t use Photobucket. They resize my graphics. the magic word is konwaku. Another good hosting site is
  • You have to keep the “MM” banner on the side bar. Credit is important~!!{x} Please remember to have a website in your user info and have set your journal to Generator. Also TAKE OFF THE NAVIGATION bar at the top of new journals.
  • Free or Paid accounts ONLY! No Sponsered +Plus Accounts!!!!
  • The layouts should work for Firefox and IE. Please don’t email me asking me to add a certain element to the coding. BUT you are allowed to mess with the codes, add or take out anything *minus the “MM” banner*, just as long as you DO NOT mess with my graphics. ALSO DO NOT REPLACE MY GRAPHICS WITH YOUR OWN!! DON’T ASK FOR A LAYOUT JUST TO TAKE THE CODES!!!!
  • The journal URL you type in the form, must be your journal!! Do NOT request a layout for your friend!!! They can ask for themselves!! If I see you don’t put the layout up at the url you sent to me within a couple of weeks then I will not ever send you another layout