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WordPress layouts coming – no more livejournal

I am going to focus on converting layouts into wordpress and stop making livejournal layouts. I think livejournal seems pretty dead now so going to focus on making blog layouts for personal use.

Also probably going to add some anime and non jrock layouts to the collection soon.

I’m coming back!

Okay okay I super duper suck right? Its been way too long since my last update. Why you ask? I’ve been so busy with work, I do design for a living so when I finally get a chance to design for visual and online stuff my brain kinda….just …. dies!!! SO I am going to snap out of it. No more excuses and I need to work on a new layout for here. Any ideas who to use for a muse?

I also noticed some of my link exchanges/affiliates are gone or going to leave or like me, haven’t updated in awhile! ;o; Oh man – I’ll be accepting new links and affiliates soon!

I PROMISE…I am coming back with new updates! <3