New texture set added

As always read the rules for password info! I think I am obsessed with colors, light textures and glowly thingys ma-thingys!!! Anyway check out the new textures, let me know if my textures are worth continuing – just because I like them doesn’t mean they are ACTUALLY useful soooo if you do find some use for them let me know. SHOW MEH! I would love to see my brushes and textures in action!!

  • New texture set added called: MOON GARDEN. Another scifi-ish space starry color scheme textures. 12 in total with a hint of windows vista look O_o;; oops
  • Took off some old affiliates and placed banners/links to on-going projects so my footer would look even. THAT means I am looking for 2 more affiliates to replace the ones I lost (and ones I will miss ;o;)

I think this place is over due for a new layout…. OH speaking of new layouts. My sisters and I have a new group blog over here.

I’m coming back!

Okay okay I super duper suck right? Its been way too long since my last update. Why you ask? I’ve been so busy with work, I do design for a living so when I finally get a chance to design for visual and online stuff my brain kinda….just …. dies!!! SO I am going to snap out of it. No more excuses and I need to work on a new layout for here. Any ideas who to use for a muse?

I also noticed some of my link exchanges/affiliates are gone or going to leave or like me, haven’t updated in awhile! ;o; Oh man – I’ll be accepting new links and affiliates soon!

I PROMISE…I am coming back with new updates! <3

I’m back! With Textures!

Sorry for not being around. I went to Oni-con for Halloween and got a chance to interview both Satsuki and born. So please keep an eye out for those interviews and new contests to win some autograph merch from those guys over at Shattered-Tranquility! *which btw Adrienne and I redesigned* XD

  • okay so only one real graphic update. A new texture set from some weird orbs and lights. I decided to name the set “star man” after one of my favorite David Bowie songs!
  • I also opened an ameba and made a header for it here. I only have gotten to play with ameba headers for a day or so but I am going to try and expand on the codes to see if maybe I can offer some sort of layouts on here?
  • OH and Kii has updated her site with a sexy new layout! Makes me want to redesign here too!!! Check her design site out here. She is the one who poked me to get an ameba and made a tutorial and how to on her site! check it out!


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