12012 layout added

As promised, I am trying to add more layouts to the site. This month I added a new 12012 layout called Play Dolls. Actually its a layout of just Tohru, their drummer. I have always loved this costume of his and found a suitable image to make a simple s2 layout.

  • Tohru layout – normal s2 layout with footer etc…
  • Matching icons can be found under 12012 in icons section.
  • Now I am going to start coding that Gara (Merry) layout like I promised!
  • And added a new affiliate – Harienju – which is runned by the shiny Vii.
  • Added 2 new link exchanges: Allianora & Vocals Heart!!!!
  • Going through and reorganizing affiliates, I took off inactive sites – if I made a mistake please contact me.

lynch. layout added

Hazuki (lynch. layout) has been added! Not only on this site but also on Crazed-System. Its been a year or more since that community has been updated so it was nice to add something over there. If you want to take a gander of the full layout check the side bar.

  • Hazuki (lynch.) layout added to the side bar, made the layout with Hideko in mind. She loves lynch. so wanted to make something that would appeal to her!
  • 2 matching icons can be found under MISC. section! I haven’t been making many icons so please forgive me if they seem too simple.
  • Also on the way, a coded Gara (Merry) layout and trying to finish coding Toru (12012) layouts.
  • I promise 2011 will be a more production and active year for this site and I will be adding more designs asap!!!

Thanks for sticking with me and I hope everyone had an amazing New Year~!! If you need anything or want to exchange ideas, designs etc… please feel free to drop me a line!!

Coming soon!

I know, I suck! But I do have updates. Three brand new layouts are being coded as we speak!!!

You can get a glimpse with a teaser up above.

    Some pressing thoughts/questions I need help answering:

  • Should I open hosting for those who want to showcase designs or blogs?
  • Should I open twitter/facebook for MM (this site)?
  • Should I offer wordpress layouts?

P.S. I moved to my own townhome and still haven’t gotten net installed :/
P.S.S I think my online friends have stopped designing ;o;?

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