WordPress layouts coming – no more livejournal

I am going to focus on converting layouts into wordpress and stop making livejournal layouts. I think livejournal seems pretty dead now so going to focus on making blog layouts for personal use.

Also probably going to add some anime and non jrock layouts to the collection soon.

New layout + Site url move

Finally after so much time I updated the last layout for 2011. It is of Soan or as some people know him as Towa!

You can find the layout over here.

Matching icon here.

Some things to note: new url for my site. We moved to Honey-Vanity.net – my other domain is dead. I might also change my graphic site name to Honey Vanity. I need my link exchanges to change my link to redirect here! See you in the new year!!

Gara layout up

Here we go! I posted the long awaited Gara layout for download. Actually took me awhile to code it because I wasn’t sure if I even liked it but after seeing it fully up it won my heart over!

  • Matching Gara icons.
  • Gara/Merry layout.
  • Randomly I feel like I should point out….a new layout was installed for my personal blog over here. THAT means I will code Shizuki layout I used to have for LJ and perhaps also post the wordpress codes. Anyone want some wordpress codes?!

    See you guys soonish!

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